Fidelity Investments

“We used ESPN's first-party data to create a custom audience segment that aligns to our target.”

— Kathryn Condon
SVP, Media, Digital Marketing and CRM, Fidelity

Fidelity Objective

Drive Awareness
of Product Offering

Reach target audience of Engaged Independent Investors (EII) to increase awareness of Fidelity's brokerage offering and positively impact the brand and attitudinal metrics

ESPN Strategy

First Party Data
and Contextual Creative

Create a custom audience segment utilizing first-party data to deliver contextual messaging in real-time channels that align the best in professional sports trade coverage with industry-leading brokerage trade content

Success Headlines

Drove Awareness
of Trading and
Brokerage Expertise
Increased Levels
of Social Activity,
Engagement and
Attitudinal Lifts
Positive Increases
in Brand Metrics Lifts

Our Partnership

“The Trade Talk Program was developed with digital really at the center of it, and the reason for that is that so much of the conversation happens in real-time channels. We found ways to naturally integrate our messaging content in the places where fans are spending so much time.”

— Kathryn Condon
SVP, Media, Digital Marketing and CRM, Fidelity

Fidelity Trade Talk

The "Fidelity Trade Talk" multimedia franchise focuses on the Fidelity and sports commonality around the importance of transaction with relation to trade deadlines. ESPN's first party data found the key areas to be NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL for the Fidelity EII target audience. "Fidelity Trade Talk" includes custom content around those sports with on-air integrations in SportsCenter and trade deadline specials, heavy custom digital messaging, Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight and Grantland and within ESPN The Magazine. "Fidelity Trade Talk" also features targeted social integration and an ESPN/Fidelity branded microsite linking to Fidelity's own site.


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