“ESPN sat down with us, had the conversation, and together we worked through a creative solution that helped us get our message across, and really spoke to the audience in a contextually relevant way.”

— Carrie Drinkwater
SVP, Investments, Mediahub

Patrón Objective

Build a Brand Connection

Re-connect Patrón with influencers in the rapidly growing tequila category by telling their quality story in a compelling and emotional way.

ESPN Strategy

Contexual Creative in Real Time

Align Patrón in real time with the exceptional and unpredictable perfect moments in sports that will engage fans in a contextually relevant way.

Success Headlines

Elevated Brand Perception
among core audience
Clutter Busting
technological innovation
Increased Buzz
within the Patrón sales team

Our Partnership

“We took this technology that traditionally is digital, and we brought it to TV in a unique, smart way that helped Patrón stand out as an advertiser that supports the sport, but understand what's it about to the consumers.”

— Carrie Drinkwater
SVP, Investments, Mediahub

Sportscenter Perfect Moments

The Patrón and ESPN partnership engaged fans by capturing memorable moments in high profile sports at the precise moment they happened and celebrating them during SportsCenter. ESPN and Patrón created a fifteen second custom spot that aired in SportsCenter shortly after the event. Each creative execution brought these perfect moments to life in a clever and authentic way.

SportsCenter complemented the real time creative with a "Perfect Moments" feature which spotlights an athlete's milestone achievement from that night.


ESPN WatchESPN ESPN CreativeWorks

“The ESPN partnership delivered beyond our objectives. Truly it was the most talked about partnership within the Patrón family. The whole Patrón sales team was so excited about what they saw, and how it came to life, they are still talking about it, to this day.”

— Carrie Drinkwater
SVP, Investments, Mediahub
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